Fortin EVO-GMT5 Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start Car Starter System For GMC Full Size Vehicles

by Fortin

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$ 89.95

Simple installation. x onboard LEDs for simplified programming. Preloaded for 3X start (OEM Start) 15-min run time. 2-way RS232 data port. 20-pin hardware plug. Self-learning algorithm. Requires FLU-100 for reflashing. Includes harnesses.

  • 3 x On-board LEDs for simplified programming and diagnostics
  • Self-Learning algorithm automatically detects the vehicle during programming and adjusts accordingly.
  • Preloaded firmware for maximum compatibility
  • Includes Factory Fit T-Harness for easy install
  • uses a multiple bus architecture with 10 separate communication ports that provide more complete functionality on every supported vehicle

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