3pc LED Head 6ft Fiber Optic Roll XKchrome App Controlled Automotive Interior Lighting, Dash/Door Lighting, Fiber Optic Cable, neon Lighting, Fiber Optic LED Accent Light Kit


$ 104.99
  • 6pc LED Head, 2pc 6ft Fiber Optic kit Bluetooth Controller w/ USB Car Plug. Easy install w/ mounting tab integrated into fiber optic. Universal for all cars and trucks. Plug and Play.
  • Smartphone Bluetooth 4.0 app controlled via the Xkchrome App available for IOS/Android
  • 16 million vivid colors. Capture live colors with your camera.
  • Sync lights to music, speed, acceleration, and more.
  • Over 15 prebuilt holiday themes w/ DIY customize function.

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