2pc Mini XKchrome 12V Controller Smartphone App-Enabled Bluetooth Upgrade Controller w/Turn Signal Function


$ 98.00

Have one of our multi-color kits installed but want turn signal functionality? You’ve come to the right place! Install couldn’t be easier. Plug the left or right half of your lights into the controller, tap the yellow wire into the positive turn signal line, and hook up to power. Enjoy the killer XKchrome App features and the auto-override amber turn signals!

  • 2pc Mini XKchrome 12V Controller w/ Turn Signal Function.
  • Smartphone Bluetooth 4.0 app controlled via the Xkchrome App available for IOS/Android
  • 16 million vivid colors. Capture live colors with your camera.
  • Sync lights to music, speed, acceleration, and more.
  • Over 15 prebuilt holiday themes w/ DIY customize function.

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