XK-GLOW KS-MOTO-ADVANCE 10 Pod 8 Strip 2nd gen XKchrome App Control Motorcycle Advanced LED Accent Light Kit


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Product Description

What's Included:

  • 1pc XKchrome BLE 4.0 bluetooth app controller. 
  • 10pc compact pods.
  • 8pc slim strips.
  • Complete extension wire kit.
  • Mounting accessories
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Detailed mounting instructions

Key Features

Capture Color with Camera

With XKchrome's realtime "chameleon" feature, you can paint your ride with any color you see. XKchrome instantly turns your vehicle into the very same eye-catching color, without even a finger tap. Be prepared to be in AWE!

Sync Light to Music

XKchrome's Music Sync feature enables lights to dance with the rhythm of any song in your phone, or with any sound picked up by the microphone. To maximize visual effect, our adaptive algorithm dynamically adjusts the volume sensitivity.

Turn Accent Light into Brake Light

Now with the integrated Smart Brake sensor wire, XKchrome can turn the entire vehicle into a brake light! As soon as you apply the brake, XKchrome immediately switches all LED lights on in red. This significantly increases the vehicle's visibility at night, and promotes faster reaction of the vehicle behind. *This function can be turned on/off via app.

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16 Million Color Dual Zone Control

Built with 16 bit gamma correction, XKchrome provides over 16 million vibrant colors, allowing the user to choose any color with a single tap. Each controller has two zones that can simultaneously run different colors and patterns.

Holiday Themes & DIY Customizer

Our color designer hand-picked over 15 themes for special occasions throughout the year. It even comes with an "emergency pattern" in case you parked at the side of the road in the dark. In addition, users can fully customize their own themes with various pattern, speed, and up to 10 color combinations.

Change Color with Speed & Acceleration

XKchrome can seamlessly transit lights from one color to another and tune the light brighter as you move faster, turning your vehicle into a beast that breaths light! All these new features updates are free so you can get the most out of XKchrome with your imagination.

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Tech Specs

Tech Specs

  • Max load: 3A per zone. (Each controller has 2 zones)
  • Light power consumption: 0.1A per 9.5in flex strip. 0.3A per 24in tube, 0.4A per 3ft flex strip
  • Input voltage: 9-15V DC.
  • Brake sensor input voltage: 12V.
  • Reversed polarity protection: Yes.
  • Transient voltage suppression: Yes.
  • Controller Dimension: 4" x 2.33 x 0.73" (100 x 60 x 19cm)
  • Applications: Universal for all motorcycles, ATV, snowmobiles with 12V DC.

6 Pod 2 Strip Mini Kit 8 Pod 4 Strip Standard Kit 10 Pod 8 Strip Advance Kit 14 Pod 12 Strip Pro Kit Extension Wire Kit for Motorcycle Extension Wire
10in Flex Strip 2 4 8 14
Mini Pod 6 8 10 12
XKchrome Bluetooth Controller
Mounting Accessories
MSRP 134.99 174.99 214.99 274.99 35.99 2.99 - 4.99
  • Smartphone BLE 4.0 app controlled via the Xkchrome App available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store
  • 1pc XKchrome BLE 4.0 app controller, 10pcs compact pods with mounting brackets,8pcs slim strips, ON/OFF switch wire 3Mounting accessories. Complete extension wire kit.
  • 16 million colors vibrant colors thanks to gamma correction technology & music sync that dynamically analyzes each song for best light effect
  • Smart brake function turns ALL LEDs into a RED brake light no matter what color or pattern was visible before. Be seen
  • Dual zone control. Xkchrome is the only controller out there to give 2 independent zones that you can control simultaneously

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