Universal Pair of Tview T110pl-grey Headrests with 11.2 Inch Car Monitors

by T-View

Temporarily out of stock
$ 169.60

How To Install Headrest Monitors in Your Car: Price is for both headrests with monitors mounted into them + 2 remotes and other accessories!!! The Tview T110PL-Gray includes 2 gray headrests with a pre-installed  11.2" wide screen high resolution monitor mounted into each headrest. These car monitors will get you the best performance with its TFT-LCD display and extremely high resolution (similar to the picture on high-end plasmas).  You can adjust all the picture settings on this model, such as the contrast, color, brightness, and more.  The video features on this monitor are just amazing, not to mention it has built-in IR transmitter for wireless headphones.  Save on shipping when you buy this and the wireless headphones from our store.  We carry only high end, top quality mobile video equipment! Features:

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