Stryker 447HPC2 Heavy-Duty AM Regulator High Power MOSFET 55W 10 Meter Radio

by Stryker

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Compact 10 Meter Radio with Multi-Color Faceplate Echo and Talkback. 50 Watts PeP (75+ Watts with Amateur Radio Alignment). VERY Compact Size. Echo Talkback. Multi-Color Display. High SWR Alert Protection Feature. OUTPUT POWER: ~ 12 Watts AM carrier. MODULATION (PeP) 55+ Watts (75+ Watts if Alignment Selected). ECHO: Built-in adjustable Echo/Reverb effect. TALKBACK: Variable talkback monitor. DISPLAY LIGHTS: Selectable and dimmable color display including Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Teal, and White. MICROPHONE JACK: Front mounted. Specifications,. Dimensions: Width 6.25" Length (Chassis) 8.25" Length (Controls to Heatsink): 10" Height: 1.88". Fuse: 10A. AM Carrier: Variable 2-12 Watts. AM Modulation (PeP): 55+ Watts (stock) 75+ Watts (modified). What's Included: Stryker SR447-HPC2 Radio. 4-Pin Microphone. Mounting Bracket and Hardware. Microphone Holder.

  • 55W PEP; High power MOSFET finals; Heavy-duty AM regulator; Up-Armored receiver; Advanced adjacent channel rejection
  • Digital echo w/ dual front mounted controls; Two different roger beeps; Roger beep can be turned off when not needed
  • 7-color channel display; 7-Color LED backlit face plate: Choose from 7 colors with the push of a button or let the CPU controller scan through all of the colors on its own
  • Multiple step dimmer: fine tune how bright you want the backlighting and channel display. Simply press and hold the "color" button in until the radio dims to the desired level
  • Variable power control; Variable talk back control

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