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Designed to deliver high performance combined with sound fidelity, the Crossover Stetsom STX104 - 5 Way has high reliability with very low levels of noise and harmonic distortion, ideal for professional sound reinforcement. This electronic crossover has two input channels and five FLAT paths (stereo or mono) LOW / REAR (mono) MID LOW (stereo or mono) MID HIG (stereo or mono) and HIG (stereo or monaural), which provides a flat frequency response throughout its operating range. Output Low Pass has a filter (Subsonic) of 24dB / 8 specially designed to reject low frequencies not reproduced by woofers, thus increasing their efficiency and durability. As can be seen, the Crossover Stetsom STX104 - 5 Way is a high-performance equipment, widely used in professional sound reinforcement and sound championships.

  • High Pass 400Hz - 10KHz, Mid Pass 150Hz - 12, 5KHz, Low Pass 70Hz - 10KHzStetsom ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER
  • signal to noise ratio >90dB
  • up to 10K OHMS input Impedance at < 0, 02% THD
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 9V RMS, Maximum Input Voltage: 4V RMS
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 33 x 264 x 160 mm

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