PowerBass M1504D Woofer

by PowerBass

Temporarily out of stock
$ 149.99

Our mighty M-Series subwoofers have been updated for 2014. How did we improve on our rave-reviewed M-woofer? We engineered a larger dustcap and added a non-resonant treatment to our stamped steel basket. The result is less distortion at higher power levels, keeping one step ahead as a proven performance and value leader. Check out these other features: 4-layer non pressed paper DDC (Dynamic Damping Coating) finishcone, Large Roll Santoprene surrounds which allow free movement of the cone for maximum SPL, a large motor structure for high-power handling, 2-inch and 2.5-inch vented BASV Voice Coil formers for optimum performance and cooling for maximum heat dissipation. For increased operating efficiency, a CNC-machined one-piece backplate and pole plate are used to reduce magnetic losses and maximize air flow, keeping the voice coil running cooler. Chrome-plated binding post terminals accept large-gauge wire to ensure all power from the amplifier reaches the subwoofer.


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