PAC Ap4-gm61 Amppro 4 Amp Interface (Select 2014-2018 Gm(r) Vehicles with Most50)

by PAC

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$ 489.00
$ 459.00

You can make a less-than-ideal factory system actually sound premium by replacing the weak factory amplifier with a more powerful aftermarket amp. PAC's AmpPRO interface consists of a module and a vehicle-specific T-harness that make the job much easier. Now, you can install an amplifier of your own without losing any of your vehicle's factory audio features like warning chimes, navigation prompts, and Bluetooth functions.

  • Upgrade solution for factory, fixed level, databus-controlled sound systems for 2014-2018 gm(r) vehicles with most50
  • Reliable pac(r) quality
  • Time-saving design, prevents need for summing & audio correction devices
  • Variable volume, fade, balance, bass, mid & treble audio settings
  • Retains Bluetooth(R), navigation, safety system & all warning chimes audio

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