Niles VCS100R Black FG00959 100 Watt InWall Volume Control

by Niles

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$ 64.95

Niles Audio has developed a single new volume control that takes the place of three. Based upon a high-quality core module that features high power handling and incorporated 12-step, pop-free switching with 54dB of dynamic range to offer finer resolution at lower volume leves with improved fidelity at all levels. Additionally, it selectable impedance magnification to safely connect up to 8 speaker pairs to a single amplifier.

  • Pictured in White
  • Enhanced Audio Performance: 12-step control with 54dB of dynamic range
  • High Power Handling: 100 watts RMS, 200 watts peak
  • Selectable Impedance: Enables safe connection of up to eight speaker pairs to a single amplifier
  • Removable Screwless Connectors: German made removable connectors for quick and easy installation

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