Garmin WS-PKFL, Fusion, StereoActive, Flat Puck & Cover (010-12519-40)

by Fusion

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$ 7.21

WS-PKFL - A deep understanding of the watersports market and the need for a purpose-built mounting solution drove FUSION to innovate - the result is the FUSION Puck. The Puck is a FUSION designed and engineered mounting solution that allows you to securely fit a STEREOACTIVE and/or ACTIVESAFE to the surface of a paddle board, kayak, canoe, dinghy/tinny/jon boat and even a Jacuzzi; allowing you to enjoy your music without worrying about losing your stereo to the depths below.

  • Engineered for easy puck and play placement for the STEREOACTIVE and/or ACTIVESAFE.
  • The standard puck system includes both an adhesive pad and mounting screws for fixed placement.
  • securing your entertainment in place ready for any adventure.

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