Garmin Fusion Signature Series 3, SG-F772W Classic White 7.7-inch Marine Speakers, a Brand

by Fusion

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Experience the power of music with the Fusion® Signature Series 3 classic white 7.7" marine speakers. Incorporating the finest materials and latest acoustic engineering technologies, the Signature Series 3 marine speakers push the boundaries of what is possible on the water – delivering a truly premium on-water audio listening experience. The Signature Series 3 classic white 7.7" speakers feature a coaxial design with CURV cone technology, silk dome tweeter, large-diameter voice coil, fully sealed crossover components and a high-grade basket construction – producing an impressive 280-watts of peak power. True-Marine™ accredited..

  • CURV cone technology for greater sound definition and higher output with increased protection from marine conditions
  • Silk dome tweeter provides a smooth upper frequency response and increased efficiency for crystal-clear music reproduction
  • Fully sealed crossover components provide full protection from the harsh marine environment and improved frequency response, for a detailed audio spectrum
  • Experience an unprecedented spectrum of colors with industry-first CRGBW LED lighting to enhance your onboard entertainment experience

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