Galaxy Dx-44hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio

by Galaxy

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Back by popular demand, this version of the "44" has all the features missing from the DX 33HP2 and the copycat models it has inspired. It even has ten features the old DX44V did not have. * Large Galaxy Meter * Automatic SWR Circuit * High SWR Alert Circuit * +10 KHz Circuit * Roger Beep * Modulation Lamp Variable Power Output * New Bezel with Extra Chrome Plus these crowd pleasing features common to the DX 33HP2: * Dual MOSFET Finals * Dimmer Pot Echo with Dual Controls * Switchable Talkback * Blue Lighting * Three Year Factory Warranty!

  • Galaxy dx44hp - 45 watt 10 meter radio with dual mofset finals, variable output power, talkback,

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