Fusion Signature Series 3 Marine Wake Tower Speakers, 8.8'' 330-Watt w/LED CRGBW, Sports Grey Chrome Tower Pair, a Garmin Brand

by Fusion

Temporarily out of stock
$ 999.99
$ 622.69

Enjoy crystal-clear audio at any volume. The Fusion Signature Series 3 wake tower speakers are perfect for providing the soundtrack to your on-water activities.

  • Experience industry-first marine wake tower speakers with CRGBW LED lighting.
  • Precisely calculated enclosure specifically optimized for wake boat applications.
  • Enjoy greater sound definition and higher output with CURV Cone Technology.
  • With an increase in real power, the voice coil provides a sound exclusive to the Signature Series 3.
  • The wake tower speakers are available in 6.5”, 7.7” and 8.8” designs with sports style grilles.

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