Fusion MS-FR4021 Marine 2-Way Full Range Speakers, 120W, Pair

by Fusion

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Fusion's Marine Speakers are designed and engineered from the ground up to incorporate state of the art audio innovation never seen before in high performance marine speakers. Designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and comply with International ASTM Standards for UV Stability and Salt/Fog Resistance. Also complies with IP65 Waterproof and Dust Standards and features a fully sealed cross-over, magnet and tweeter housing with waterproof cone and surrounds. All of Fusion's Marine Speakers are tested extensively, both in terms of how they sound and whether they will withstand unique marine conditions without deteriorating. Rugged marine grills provide strength and rigidity in high-traffic areas, or where objects are likely to be moving around or knocking into speakers. The central core titanium tweeter stabilizes the speaker grille, while protecting the high pass crossover components from the elements. The 4" Marine Speakers come complete with Ice White Grilles. Also come in 7" and 6" sizes (MS-FR7021, MS-FR6021). 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty.

  • IP65 rating and complies with international standards for UV stability and Salt/Fog resistance. Features a fully sealed cross-over, magnet and tweeter housing with water resistant cone and Surround.
  • True power saving. High efficiency design reduces battery drain.
  • Magnetic shielding - Fusion has added a bucking magnet at the rear of the speaker motor assembly, which reduces interference that can occur with compasses or compass-based electronics.

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