Fortin TB-VW Transponder Bypass Module Compatible with VW and Audi Vehicles

by Fortin

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$ 74.95

The Fortin TB-VW is a miniature Transponder Bypass Interface compatible with select 2009-14 Audi A3 and 2006-15 VW vehicles with regular key and push-to-start engines. It is designed to be used to bypass the vehicle's passive anti-theft system (PATS) in order to install a Fortin EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE remote start system. The TB-VW requires a Fortin Flash Link Updater in order to program it to work in your vehicle.

  • Allows you to connect an EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE module (EVO-ALL and EVO-ONE sold separately)
  • Compatible with select VW and Audi vehicles
  • 10" harness (3-pin plug / 2 wires)
  • 28" harness (4-pin plug / 4 wires)

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