Fortin - EVO-ONE- Programmed - All-in-One Remote Starter, Security System, and Data Interface

by Fortin

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The EVO-ONE is the ultimate and smallest ALL-IN-ONE HIGH POWER data immobilizer bypass, door lock, security system and remote start interface. Compatible with all EVO-ALL T-Harnesses and also providing a new broad access to High Power T-Harnesses the EVO-ONE now sets the industry benchmark to a higher level. It raises the standard of hassle-free installation convenience to a whole new level. It uses a multiple micro controller and bus architecture which redefines the word Remote Starter. This unit is much more powerful than most entry level vehicle's BCM. EVO-ONE is an impressive state of the art unit at reachable cost.

  • T-harnesses available for select vehicles to simplify installation procedure
  • Separate compatible RF kit required for unit operation (Some vehicles can be remote started via OEM remote 3x lock button)
  • DCryptor virtual OEM key copying technology for vehicles that use highly-encrypted engine immobilizer system
  • Multiple bus architecture with 10 separate communication ports that provide more complete functionality on every supported vehicle
  • 2-Way Data-Link port for RS-232 communication with devices such as remote car starters, car alarms, GPS telematics units, and smartphone enabled devices as well as analog plugs for compatibility with non 2-way Data-Link compatible systems

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