Directed Smartstart(r) DEIDSM550 6.50in. x 3.90in. x 1.45in. Directed SmartStart Pro 4G LTE GPS Module

by Directed Electronics

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Directed Smartstart(r) DEIDSM550 6. 50in. x 3. 90in. x 1. 45in. Directed SmartStart Pro 4G LTE GPS Module

  • Smart Start(R) GPS module for a remote-start system
  • Displays location, vehicle speed & customized GPS alerts
  • Lock/arm, unlock/disarm, remote start, trunk release, panic button & 2 aux channels
  • Remote start via smartphone (iPhone(R) 4. 3 or later, Android(TM) SDK 1. 6 or later), but vehicle must already be equipped with a remote-start system
  • Not compatible with BlackBerry(R) devices

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