Brandmotion 5000-CA12 Curb Alert Parking Sensor for Corvette C5/C6

by Brandmotion

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Its happened to all of us. You pull up too close to a curb and you hear that ominous "SCRAAAAPE". Sometimes, youll remember to pull away slowly when you return and avoid further damage. But if you drive a sports car, or sports sedan, or any vehicle with a low front end (even a Prius, for example), you can "hook" your lower fascia and experience one of the worst automotive emotions possible – backing up and having the curb rip your lower valence panel or even your entire fascia from the car! It happens every day to innocent drivers, but now there is a solution. With a Curb Alert(TM) parking sensor, youll no longer have to worry about damaging your vehicles front bumper when pulling up to a curb or approaching the end of a steep driveway. Using Infrared LED technology, the Curb Alert curb sensor will reliably detect when you are getting too close to a curb and warn you with a short series of audible beeps, helping you avoid expensive damage to your vehicles front end. Having Curb Alert is like owning an affordable insurance policy on your vehicles front end - one most modern vehicles, the system pays for itself the first time its used. The Curb Alert can determine the distance of your vehicle from a curb or other low obstacle. It sends out an infrared beam that is analyzed by the system to determine how far your vehicle is from the approaching object. If it determines that your vehicle is dangerously close to the curb, it alerts you with an audible in-cabin tone to prevent damage to your front bumper, spoiler or valence panel. Housed within a weatherproof case to handle any weather conditions thrown at it. Curb Alert is an invaluable and easily installed addition to any vehicle with a low front end, from sports cars to hybrids.

  • Brandmotion 5000-CA12

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