Crimestopper SP-11 Deluxe 1-Way Alarm and Keyless Entry System

by CrimeStopper

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$ 38.93

Style:1 way 500 feet

The Crimestopper sp-102 is the start of our deluxe Universal security system with keyless entry. The system includes 2 small 4 button remotes with up to 500 ft. OF range. It also includes a Dual stage shock sensor, siren and starter Kill Output. This system allows you to arm/lock, disarm/unlock, release the Trunk as well as do all of these functions Without audible alerts with silent mode.

  • (2) 4-button transmitters with 500ft of range
  • Arm/lock - disarm/unlock
  • Double Pulse unlock
  • Trunk release: disarm with trunk release
  • Starter kill option

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