Connex 4600 Turbo Mobile 10 Meter Amateur Radio

by Connex

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he Connex 4600 Turbo is the last of a dying breed of 10 meter radio that still uses 2SC2290 transistors and not the mosfets that a lot of the more recent "power" radios posses. The Connex CX-4600 Turbo 150+ Watt has been a popular 10-meter amateur radio from Connex for a few years now due to its high output power equal to or exceeding over 100+ watts PeP. Designed with simple, easy to use controls and trucker specific features, this Connex CB radio for sale offers massive performance but won't require a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering to operate. AM,FM mobile, Dual echo 100w factory - 150w+(after tuning) 2 x 2SC2290 finals Vol,sq,mic gain,RF gain Band selector (8) Variable talk back control 10KHz switch Black frequency counter jack on back Small heat sink on bottom with 2 internal fans PA T

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