Best Door Keypad Lock for Cars, Trucks, & SUV - No Cutting & Wireless Keyless Entry!

by Accele Electronics

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$ 79.99

The Numeric Touchpad Keyless Entry system is a simple add-on module that will sit anywhere on your car. You can assign your own 4 digit PIN CODE which you can change at any time. In the event that you lock the keys inside, you can simply "touch" your PIN code on the module from outside your front windshield. Once the last digit is accepted, you see the parking lights flash and the door will unlock automatically. Easy Installation. Works with any vehicle. Adhesive backed keypad with optional included screw mount. Pin code(4 - digits). Simple to change the Pin code. Slim and compact control box. Programmable auxiliary output, can be used to open and close tool boxes or bed covers. Truck output. Built in parking light relay. Supply Voltage DC 12V (Negative car only).

  • Numeric Touchpad Keyless Entry system - no key or remote needed
  • Preprogrammed or user assigned 4 digit PIN code
  • Works on any vehicle
  • Back-lit keypad

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