Aquatic AV AQ-CD-4B CD Media Center Waterproof Marine Stereo System

by Aquatic AV

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  • The AQ-CD-4B CD Media Center is a high quality, robust and durable waterproof marine grade stereo, CD player (perfect for boat, golf cart, around pool, spa, etc.)
  • Plays CD and MP3 discs plus you can connect your iPhone or iPod via the AQ-USBIP-6 cable (included) or USB devices via the USB input connection.
  • Illuminated 4-line display with adjustable brightness
  • The waterproof AQ-CD-4B features an onboard 288W amplifier capable of powering up to 8x speakers, or a combination of speakers and subwoofers, 2x high-quality RCA (phono) pre-outs for connecting an external amplifier (AQ-AD300.2) or powered subwoofer, 1x RCA subwoofer output and 2x RCA Auxiliary inputs, plus a host of other features such as DSP EQ, 2x 12V triggers, Infra Red Eye connection and AM/FM radio with up to 30x pre-set memory.
  • 'Dual Zone/Dual Source' technology allows the AQ-CD-4B waterproof CD player to listen to one source (CD, radio etc) in one 'zone' while your guests or family listen to another source elsewhere on the boat or within your stereo installation.

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