2nd Gen Premium BLUE 10 PODS + 4 STRIPS Motorcycle Engine & Ground Underglow Neon Accent Light Kit with 3 Mode 4-key Remote


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Product Description

What's Included

  • 10pc light pods + 4 flex strip & 3M tapes .
  • 1 pair of remote controller & key fob
  • Zip ties & wire clips + detailed instructions + recommended mounting locations
  • 1pc all-in-one switch
  • 4pc 36" Extension wire. 8 end caps.

Key Features

Exclusive Compact Design

Both compact pod and slim strip are designed to connect seamlessly with no dangling wires or dark spots. Built with super bright premium SMD LEDs, these lights will turn your bike into a gorgeous sculpture at night.

Everything You Need is Included

Attractively priced, yet endowed with a 4-function remote and optimized for the premium light coverage of the entire bike. This 10 pod and 4 strip kit is one of XKGLOW's most popular. While maintaining compact and ultra-bright characteristics, the new design features plug-n-play connectors for every light unit with a 60% reduction on installation time.

Remote Control

Remote modes:

- Solid ON

- Strobe

- Breath


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  • 2nd Generation Brighter Than Any Regular 5mm LED Pod.
  • 4-key Metal Remote Key Fob. [ON/OFF, Solid/Strobe/Breath]
  • 4 Flexible Strips, 10Waterproof Low Profile Pods; Half of Regular Pod Size
  • All mounting accessories needed are included.
  • Ultimate light coverage for engine, wheel and ground

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