PAC ROEM-NIS1 Nissan/Infiniti Premium Radio Replacement Kit

$ 53.99 $ 49.95

Brand: PAC

The PAC ROEM-NIS1 Sound System Interface is a "specific application" Kit of the PAC OEM-1 interface. It allows for the replacement of a factory stereo in compatible vehicles with a premium sound system.

Do you have a Premium factory sound system? If so, with this kit, you can easily replace a factory stereo and keep the factory amplifier.

This ROEM Kit includes:

  • (1) PAC OEM-1 main unit
  • (1) RAD-UNV harness
  • (1) AMP-NIS1 harness

The OEM-1 interface is transformer isolated, maintains phase and is linear from 20 to 20,000 Hz. The input connectors plug into the aftermarket stereo and vehicle harness.  Just like the factory stereo system, the warning chimes will play through the front left RCA output of the interface. Also, turning on the rear entertainment controls, if so equipped, will make the rear outputs of the interface play a second audio source.

Everything just plugs together (Plug & Play). When you want to take out whatever you added or changed, just unplug it and plug in the old factory stuff. The vehicle is back to factory condition. You can use the aftermarket stereo receiver you added in your next leased or purchased vehicle.

The OEM-1 also gives you 2:1 gain as well as infinite attenuation. This allows signal adjustment to the correct level between the factory system and what is being added or changed. All four channels are individually adjusted for accurate sound levels. Each channel completely isolates the aftermarket equipment from the factory system to give 100% compatibility in every installation.


  • "plug and play" solution - no need to cut wires
  • Signal ground is also isolated to avoid ground loops
  • Linear from 20-20,000 Hz (+/- 0.5dB)
  • Maintains correct phase

To replace the factory head unit:
Plug one end of the AMP-NIS1 into the head unit and the other end into the OEM-1. Then plug the RAD-UNV into the factory harness and the OEM-1. Adjust the potentiometers on the OEM-1 and mount the head unit in dash. The installation is complete.

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NOTE: If you do not see your vehicle listed below or need assistance getting the right product, call PAC Technical Support at (800) 854-3133 to find out which PAC product is right for your vehicle.

Compatibility List:

Infiniti: All vehicles with Bose 1989-1994
Nissan: All vehicles with Bose 1989-1994