PAC BB-4 Bass Blocker 0-1.2kHz @ 4ohms, 0-600Hz @ 8ohms

$ 9.95

Brand: PAC

If you like to crank up the volume, protect your speakers from low-frequency bass distortion and get cleaner sound with this Bass Blocker from PAC. Bass Blockers remove or "cut out" sounds that are below a certain frequency. They are designed to enhance the performance and power handling of tweeters and midrange speakers by removing frequencies beyond their capabilities. Bass Blockers are typically installed right before the positive speaker input terminal, in-line with the positive speaker lead.

Speaker Size Cut-off Frequency Guideline: (speaker size & corresponding recommended frequency)

6.5", 5x7", 6x8" - 150Hz
5", 5.25" - 300Hz
3.5", 4", 4x6" - 600Hz (low power) (800Hz for higher power)


  • Easily handles power of up to 50 Watts RMS
  • Leads are color coded to prevent misapplication
  • 6" speaker wire at each end (terminated with a 1/4" female slide connector on one end and a male slide connector on the other)
  • Simple to use 6 dB per octave roll-off  high-pass bass blocker
  • Encased in shrink tube with wire leads for easy installation
  • Use them to protect your full-range, mid-bass, and mid-range speakers from distortion caused by low frequency output
  • Fitted with easy-to-use quick-slide connectors to make installation a snap
  • No splicing or crimping required - just slide one of the Bass Blocker's connectors onto your speaker harness and the other Bass Blocker connector onto your speaker's positive terminal.
  • Sold in eaches (one bass blocker, for one speaker). Most applications require Quantity 2 of this product.
Part# Cutoff at 4ohms Cutoff at 8ohms Wire Color
BB-1 0-300 Hz 0-150 Hz Blue
BB-2 0-600 Hz 0-300 Hz Green
BB-3 0-800 Hz 0-400 Hz Yellow
BB-4 0-1.2 kHz 0-600 kHz Orange
BB-5 0-2.8 kHz 0-1.4 kHz Red
BB-6 0-5.6 kHz 0-2.8 kHz Black