Audio Enhancers FST240 Uncarpeted Dual 12" Full-Size Sealed Truck Sub Box - 1.21 cf per sub

by Audio Enhancers

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$ 71.95


  • Universal - many applications. Especially built for all years Ford full-size trucks through 1999, all years Dodge full-size trucks, all years Chevrolet/GMC full-size trucks through 1999
  • Custom-fit behind seat
  • Forward-firing enclosure (designed to maximize airspace to provide lower and extended bass response)
  • Enhanced Mounting Depth Power Pocket (PP) - See detailed feature description BELOW
  • Simple Installation - Tilt your seat back forward, position the FST240 in place, and close the seat...DONE!
  • The FST240 is hidden from sight in most vehicles (behind seat) to prevent would-be thieves from seeing your goods
  • Uncarpeted (allowing you to cover with material of your choice)
  • Built with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
  • Platinum Spring-Loaded Terminals (10 AWG Wire)
  • Mounting Depth: 6-11/32"
  • Internal Volume: 2.4 cubic feet (1.21 cubic feet per sub)
  • Dimensions: 55" W x 15" H x 5-1/4" TopDepth x 8-1/4" BottomDepth

Enhanced Mounting Depth Power Pocket (PP)?á The Power Pocket is a CNC-milled pocket in the shape of a full or half-moon in the rear of the inside of enclosure. This innovative design allows more mounting depth, creating greater flexibility in speaker selection. The Power Pocket will add a 1/2 inch of mounting depth to 3/4-inch enclosures and a 3/8 inch depth to 5/8-inch enclosures. The additional mounting depth translates into more power from the same speaker enclosure (because you can fit a larger subwoofer).

Audio Enhancers Information:

Audio Enhancers aims to ?ǣBuild a great box through excellent Craftsmanship, Quality and Unsurpassed Customer Service.?ǣ?á As the leader in the automotive speaker cabinet industry, Audio Enhancers has been building a comprehensive selection of Competition-Grade, Award-Winning speaker enclosures for decades.

Audio Enhancers utilizes the latest technology in the wood working industry. Using CAD/CAM/CNC assures precise parts to 0.002 of an inch, time after time.?á Audio Enhancers sets the bench mark for quality, offering only American-made products that meet their rigorous standards. These enclosures utilize superior materials and workmanship which aid in delivering consistently high quality boxes. Expertly crafted and acoustically correct; these speaker cabinets help deliver unparalleled sound quality.

Audio Enhancers enclosures are backed by a solid, companywide commitment to provide unsurpassed customer service.?á They?ÇÖre so certain their products will please, that every custom-made speaker cabinet they build features a 100%-satisfaction guarantee.

You'll find that these enclosures offer the highest value on the market for a quality product.

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