SIRIUS SiriusConnect SIR-PAN1 Satellite Tuner for Panasonic Radios


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If you have a SIRIUS-ready Panasonic head unit, you can connect the SIRIUS SIR-PAN1 tuner to it and enjoy SIRIUS Satellite Radio in the car from coast to coast. Everything you need to plug and play is included in the convenient package.

The SIRIUS radio plugs right into the back of your Panasonic stereo, and sends channel information, including channel name, artist name, program name, and song title, to your stereo's display.


  • 2.5 meter bus cable for connection to HU
  • New micro antenna with 21-foot cable
  • single-cable antenna connection
  • select channel name, channel number, artist, song title, or category name to appear on receiver's display
  • channel presets and channel scan/search
  • Power connector
  • pass-through for adding compatible Panasonic components

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