Ample EXONIC EXS120 12" Dual 2ohm Subwoofer

$ 139.99 $ 84.95

Brand: Ample

EXONIC means Sonic Ample Audio
The punishment that is delivered to car audio subwoofers is far greater than any other component in an audio system. It is very easy to make a speaker look good but it is a very tedious and time-consuming task to make them perform well. Ample takes tremendous pride in each of their subwoofer series and quality from top to bottom is never compromised. The new EXONIC Series Subwoofer with flat progressive spider, flat tinsel woven wire and 2-1/2” dual voice coils will be able to get the maximum power from your amplifiers.


  • 12" Competition DVC Subwoofer
  • 700 Watts MAX Power
  • 350 Watts RMS Power
  • Chrome Plated Stamped Steel Basket
  • 2-1/2" Dual 2ohm Voice Coil
  • Aluminum Brushed non-pressed paper cone
  • 25-500hz frequency response
  • 91dB SPL