MB QUART NW1-254 Nautic Series Marine-Certified 10" 600-Watt Shallow Subwoofer (No Illumination)

by MB Quart

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$ 179.99
$ 86.90

The Nautic Series Marine-Certified 10 in. 600 Watt Shallow Subwoofer has been designed for those marine and power sports applications where space can be an issue. With only 2-83/100 in. of mounting depth, the subwoofer can fit in any bench seat, gunnel or shallow compartment without giving up much space at all. Designed to perform optimally in free-air applications, it will also perform in as small as 45/100 cu. ft. sealed enclosure.

  • 600W max
  • Great for all your needs
  • Shallow depth—only requires 2.8" mounting depth
  • Marine certified—protected against sun fade with UVA paint coating
  • Conformal-coated crossover components protected against water spray as well as dust & sand

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