DS18 JVOCE Marine Roll Cage Sound Bar with Dual 6.5" Hybrid Mid-Range/Driver Horn Loudspeakers 2 x 450W MAX - Great for Boats, Motorsports, Motorcycle ATV UTV and Jeeps (2 X PRO-HY6.4B Speaker)

by DS18

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DS18 brings you amazing, exclusive and extremely loud audio. So you know that the DS18 JVOCE is the ultimate tower speaker! It's designed for use on boats, ATVs, and Jeeps. It's made from high-quality components including 2 of DS18's loudest speakers—the PRO-Hybrid 6. Each speaker is built with water-resistant, 6.5 in. midrange accompanied by a high-powered and high-intensity 1 in. driver built into the frame. The result is crazy loud volume in a full range of frequencies. The exclusive enclosure is styled off the company's extremely popular JMID and JBASS for Jeeps but is smaller in size to hold the included 6.5 in. hybrid speakers. It's made of extremely durable, mold-injected plastic and is sure to outlast your vehicle and can easily be transferred to the next. There are also very strong plastic grilles that protect the hybrid speakers and integrated RGB LEDs around the inside so you can match your vehicle's color or lighting theme easily. The whole sound bar speaker system is waterproof so you can use it in the elements without worry or malfunction. However, it is not submersible. Mounting options include a very high-strength pole clamp for roll bar attachment and a flat mount for more mounting options.

  • Continuing the tradition of bringing the public amazing exclusive and extremely loud audio, DS18 has now released the ultimate tower speaker. The JVOCE is composed of high quality components including two of some of our loudest speakers, The Pro-Hybrid 6 Inch speakers with built in driver for amazing sound quality and extremely high volume
  • The exclusive enclosure is a fantastic piece of equipment. It is styled off our extremely popular JMID and JBASS for Jeeps but smaller in size to hold the 6.5 hybrid speakers it comes with. Highly durable mold injected plastic tower box that can be mounted with clamps on a roll bar or with included flat mounts to mount on a flat surface giving you a huge amount of mounting options
  • Built in LED RGBs in the box so you can match your vehicles theme or existing lighting easily with our (sold separately) LED BTC RGB controller.
  • IP65 waterproof rating ensures that you can use the product in the elements without worry or malfunction, however the product is not submergible.
  • Mounting options include a very high strength pole clamp if you are wanting to attach it to a rollbar. Also we include a flat mount which gives you even more mounting options.

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