Edge Products 14005 Inline module, 1 Pack

by Edge Products

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$ 327.95

The Edge Performance Chip is the ultimate performance upgrade for your diesel truck. Paired with the chip is a six-dial control that can be mounted to a dash or center console and allows for adjustable horsepower on-the-fly. When installed, this chip is capable of making up to an additional 140 horsepower and 250 lbs. of torque over the stock tune!

  • Plug-In Performance Chip to Meet Your Specific Vehicle Application
  • Easily Adjust Power Levels with Included Dial or Insight CTS7
  • Up to Six Options for Performance and Other Various Modes
  • Adds Up to 140 additional horsepower and 250 lbs. of Torque Over the Factory Tune
  • Increases Fuel Economy

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