AudioControl DM-RTA Real Time Analyzer and Multi-Test Tool

by AudioControl

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$ 649.95

BRAND NEWAUDIOCONTROL DM-RTAReal Time Measure Audio Signal Analyzer and Multi-Test ToolKEY FEATURES: Test and Measure Any SignalBalanced Line Level Inputs and OutputsUnbalanced Line Level Inputs and OutputsSpeaker Level Inputs (handles up to 400 watts)Microphone Input with 48V Phantom Power (microphone sold separately)Microphone presets (for CM-10, CM-20 & C550H)Digital and USB OutputsConnect to PC/Mac, Phone or TabletOption Port for Bluetooth ConnectivityBattery Powered and Compact for PortabilityDM-RTA app available in downloads for Mac/PC, or App Store, Google PlayDimensions: Approx. 8 x 6 x 2.5 inchesWeight: 1.9lbs

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